Angasi oysters are our only native Australian oyster and now quite rare.  They're a cousin to the famous flat Belon oysters from France.

This is the oyster lover's oyster - full-bodied, finely textured and rich in flavour.

Shellfish reefs once covered a quarter of Port Phillip, making homes for Angasi oysters, mussels, scallops and other shellfish.

They were heavily harvested by first white settlers eager for a ready-made food supply and then because shells could be burnt to create cement.

In the 1950s, scallop dredgers began churning up what was left, leaving a "sandy desert" without rocks and seagrass.  The Victorian Government stopped scallop dredging in the 1990s, but the damage was done.

Angasi oysters are now being bred at the Queenscliff hatchery to restore shellfish reefs in the Bay.

In time, it’s hoped to have sustainable Angasi oyster farm leases.  Portarlington will play a major role for commercial fishing boat berths.

Find out more about the journey here

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