While Port Phillip is relatively shallow, it’s a large expanse of water.

Many people use the Bay for a variety of recreational pursuits. 

Generally the Bay is calm but when there’s storms, squalls or strong winds, recreational fishermen, yachts, pleasure craft and jet skiers can be caught out.

It could be they’re too far from their boat ramp and it’s too dangerous to even try and reach it.

The safe harbour is so anyone can enter the calm waters of the harbour and wait it out.

Portarlington was chosen as the place to have a safe harbour because

  • it’s the most central harbour in Port Phillip
  • strong sea-walls and marine infrastructure were already in place and could be added to
  • it’s the mussel farming capital of Victoria (most say ‘of Australia’) and with more aquaculture farming hectares allocated in the Bay, more safe berths are needed for fishing boats
  • the exciting potential to farm the near-extinct native angasi oysters is on the horizon.  That means extra fishing boats and berthing facilities could be needed










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