Travel distances between Portarlington and Melbourne

Travelling by water to Melbourne from the Bellarine Peninsula is less that half the distance to travelling over land.

Travel times and costs

By ferry the trip averages 80 minutes. 

And there's free car parking at the Portarlington pier, you only have to walk a few metres to the ferry

And there's a free tram loop at Docklands

Work out your travel time and cost by train or vehicle

Add up:

  1. Vehicle wear and tear
  2. Fuel
  3. Parking fees
  4. Walking time when you can't park near a railway station - in the rain, gale winds, hot sun

Ferry travel benefits

  1. You have a guaranteed seat - no need to bring a fold-up chair or sit on the floor
  2. You don't have to drive, a qualified Captain does that for you
  3. You can work, study, research during the travel as you have freeWiFi and a seat
  4. Add drinks and food from the on-board cafe to the list

Live on the Bellarine Peninsula and commute

Raise a family in the country or a village and still travel to the CBD for work

Students can go to a Uni in Melbourne and still live at home - with WIFI, travel time is study time

Young adults can look at so many job choices in Melbourne and still live at home until they can afford their own digs

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