The objective of the Bellarine Ferry Group has been for a daily commuter ferry service running between Portarlington and Melbourne.

The Bellarine Ferry Group was formed by local Portarlington residents in 2007 to investigate the viability of a ferry service between Portarlington on the Bellarine Peninsula to Station Pier in Port Melbourne, Melbourne.

On 22 November 2016 after 9 years of investigation, research, committment and public support the daily ferry service is now permanent for the next three years. The service is provided by Port Phillip Ferries.

In 2011 the Bellarine Ferry Group joined with the Portarlington Safe Harbour Group. Servicing the Bellarine Peninsula a ferry would provide much needed alternative transport across Port Phillip Bay to Station Pier at Port Melbourne. In addition the ferry would also be a valuable tourist service for people to access the Bellarine Peninsula and beyond.

The new multi-million dollar Safe Harbour for Portarlington proposal provides the opportunity for necessary berthing and mooring facilities to enable daily ferry services to be established.

As of 2012 there had been no government commitment to the Safe Harbour.  So our main activities had been directed at getting the first stage of the Portarlington Safe Harbour (which contains the ferry berths) realized. This has been the major hurdle in getting the ferry service up and running. 

Lisa Neville, Member for  Bellarine and Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water in the newly elected Labor State Government (2014) lobbied long and hard to get the necessary funds required to build the first stage of the Safe Harbour and she was successful. The required pier upgrade commenced in February 2015 and was completed in August 2015. Stage 1 works of the Safe Harbour commenced in February 2016.

The benefits of a ferry service are many and include:

  Offers an alternative form of transport between the Bellarine Peninsula and Melbourne

  Reduces travel time on both rail and road

  Decreases motor vehicle usage, pollution and travel congestion on the roads                                                

  Requires little infrastructure development

  Has been identified as the shortest route across Port Phillip Bay

  Builds tourist activity to the Bellarine Peninsula.

The map below shows the route the ferry takes.

And the Bellarine Peninsula.....

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