Press coverage has been wide and varied. Here's a selection of what has been reported.

First day of the ferry service is  Tuesday 22 November.  See Port Phillip Ferries for timetable.

Now for a ferry service, The Geelong Advertiser, 30 July 2015

New pier adds mussel to Port’s safe harbour, Bellarine Times, 30 July 2015

Lisa Neville speaks at the Portarlington Business Development Association, June, 2015

Jetty Ahead,  Years of campaigning pay off with Port pier works to beginBellarine Times, 29 January 2015 

Work to start on Portarlington Safe Harbour project, Geelong Advertiser, 9 January 2015

Ferry to link west with CBD

Planning Minister Mathew Guy says a planned ferry linking Melbourne’s western suburbs to the CBD will ease congestion on the West Gate Bridge.

Speaking with 3AW Breakfast, Mr Guy said the government was in the final stages of negotiation and expected it to be up and running within 12 months.

“They will run it out of Wyndham Harbour into the city (and) it will land at Docklands,” he said.

“And the beneficial point from that is … from January 1 next year the trams will be free.

So effectively you’ll pay for the ferry ticket and that’s it.”

Mr Guy said the trip will take 40 mins and carry about 200 people.

“I’m sure for your listeners who are on the West Gate at the moment, the concept of driving to a terminal, getting on, 40 minutes of a Wi-Fi (enabled) ship getting into Docklands is certainly attractive compared to sitting on the West Gate,” he said.

He added they were looking at stops at Point Cook and Altona.

I’m tremendously excited because this is something that people have talked about for years and I can finally see it happening,” he said.

Posted by: Fenella Wagener | 30 June, 2014 - 9:03 AM

Ferries in Year, says Port body The Independent 19 June 2014

Councillor Bruce Harwood, Acting Mayor CoGG, The Independent, 19 June 2014

Port Power Bellarine Times 10 April 2014

$15m pledge for Portarlington Harbour Geelong Advertiser 7 April 2014

Pier Potential: Mayor puts project on map  Bellarine Times 19 December 2013

Report douses Geelong hopes: Ferry  Geelong Independent 21 March 2013

We miss the boat on ferry  Geelong Advertiser  20 March 2013

Ferry service hopes to reduce road congestion  The ABC News  19 March 2013

State report backs Port ferry service  The Geelong Independent  13 February 2013

2012 News

Bay's oysters to test the mussel bound  The Age/SMH    21 December 2012

Harbour Hope    The Bellarine Times   18 December 2012

Ferry plan will sail with pier upgrade    The Geelong Advertiser    22 October 2012

Portarlington Awaits Pier Decision   The Surf Coast Times  10 July 2012

Portarlington to Port Melbourne ferry service snubbed        The Geelong Advertiser  8 May 2012

Kurt Reiter on the benefits of the Safe Harbour and ferry.

The Geelong Advertiser

 7 April 2012

 Click on Kurt's photo to read the article.

 Growth Plan Hits Harbour Hurdle   The Independent   27 February 2012

Ferry talks bear fruit        The Geelong Advertiser    27 January 2012

Minister agrees to talk about ferry    The Geelong Advertiser   21 January 2012

It's pier pressure for ferry plans     The Geelong Advertiser  20 January 2012

Push for ferry steps up     The Echo 26 January 2012

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Previous Years in the News

Demand grows for Portarlington ferry service to Melbourne Geelong Advertiser, 24/06/10

Towns surveyed on ferry support   Geelong Independent, 28/08/09

State report backs Portarlington ferry Geelong Independent, 13/02/09

Portarlington ferry good for commuters The Age, 29/12/08

Portarlington's big plans  Geelong Advertiser, 03/09/08

Portarlington ferry plan  The Age,  22/07/08

Road, rail woes boosts 1000 seat ferry  Geelong Independent, 04/07/08

Cycle route into Port Melbourne from Portarlington       Melbourne Cyclist, 16/05/08

Ferry bid looks to interstate examples      Geelong Independent, 30/05/08

Portarlington Ferry  Going Solar Transport Newsletter, 30/01/08

New push for Portarlington ferry service  Geelong Advertiser, 21/01/08

Ferry Chances Get a Boost

The Echo 17/2/11

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Harbour Upgrade Urgent

Geelong Advertiser 8/2/11

iHarbourUpgradeUrgent.jpg iHarbourUpgradeUrgent.jpg
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Hope for Ferry

Bellarine Times 07/12/10

Hope for Ferry.jpg Hope for Ferry.jpg
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Support Grows for Ferry

Bellarine Times 08/06/10

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Plan Revealed

Bellarine Times 03/11/09 

Plan Revealed Bellarine Times Nov 2009.jpg Plan Revealed Bellarine Times Nov 2009.jpg
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Thumbs Up

The Echo Nov 2009

Thumbs Up The Echo.jpg Thumbs Up The Echo.jpg
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Ferry Group share vision with Grove community association 

Ocean Grove Voice, 23/09/09 

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Stateside support for ferry 

Bellarine Times, 22/09/09 

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