As we expected, we have received 100% support from all the groups we have made ferry presentations to, right around the Bellarine. 

What has surprised us is the amount of support we have received via email from people living in areas other than the Bellarine. 

                                                                         Here's'  a small sample of what people are saying.

“I am definitely interested in this service. I would consider moving from Melbourne to my holiday home in St Leonards if this became a realistic option for me. Currently the option of driving in peak hour traffic is simply not an option.

Considering the sizeable investment the Vic Govt is making in promoting provincial Victoria to encourage people out of our main city, I would have thought this ferry service would complement this plan in a viable and sustainable way. I look forward to the developments of this project.”

Kelly Ryan of Melbourne

"I think the availability of ferry travel to Melbourne would surely boost the home sales in the area – let’s face it, who wouldn’t want
to live here full time, if you could get to work in Melbourne by ferry?  It’s a no-brainer isn’t it?   And now with the congestion on roads in and around Melbourne it's just got to be one of the answers."

Gwenda Hansford

"A Ferry service from Portarlington would be an invaluable addition to the Bellarine Peninsula, it would offer unlimited convenience to the residents who commute on a regular basis to Melbourne as well as open up many avenues in the tourism market for those travelling from Melbourne.

Currently we reside in Lantau Island Hong Kong, this is an outlying Island and we access central Hong Kong by Ferry, we can also access via Train we prefer the Ferry even though it costs a few dollars more. We love sitting on the Ferry catching up on work that should really have been left at the office or just relaxing not worrying about the stress of driving, the kids love staring out the window or having a chance to play with us and have our full undivided attention during the trip but my favourite thing would be the 25 minute power nap I get to have when I am really tired; arrive to my destination ready for the next challenge.
The Ferry fare is reasonable and the Ferries are exceptionally safe, well run and maintained. I think if we can have an equally efficient, reliable and safe fleet of Ferries this mode of convenient Transport would become the preferred mode of transport for many. It is essential that the transport connections from the docking points is adequate to get commuters to where they need to go, this factor really does make me wonder if that will ever happen.

Melbourne and regional Victoria does have so much to offer but our lack of options when it comes to transport is a serious problem if we are truly a world class city we deserve better transport options and the introduction of this Ferry would be pinnacle to creating an alternative gateway between the City and regional Victoria. Sydney has been doing it forever why can't Melbourne just do it, drives me nuts every time we return home there is so much to do there when it comes to transport. Many issues including traffic congestion and the effect on the climate could be alleviated I am sure the studies would prove that time and time again and I am sure that there would be a cost saving to the commuter compared to the cost of fuel this creates an opportunity for us to spend a few extra dollars in the community bolstering business.

We always say that the thing we will miss the most about Hong Kong is the Ferry and if this service does become operational we will feel truly blessed when we return to live in our new home on the Bluff in the sleepy hollow of St Leonards. I say be relentless get everyone on board to lobby for this service."

Teresa Arcuri, Hong Kong

"I own a house in Drysdale but currently live and work in inner Melbourne. If transport time from Portarlington to CBD Melbourne was under an hour via the proposed ferry I would give serious consideration to permanently relocating to Drysdale."

A of Melbourne

“Just registering my interest in a regular ferry service between Portarlington  & Melbourne (Station pier), ideally this should be daily, with bias to have
service times in line with working hours of commuters of the Bellarine.  Costs should be of a comparative nature to and not exceed combined bus/
train commute costs, such that this provides incentive for travel on the Ferry.

I know of many friends / family who live in Melbourne who increasingly spend a greater proportion of their time at their holiday houses on the Bellarine (Portarlington / Queenscliff / St Leonards / Ocean Grove) who would travel on such a service, where it was available."

Murray Kingsley of Moonee Ponds

We currently live in Melbourne but would definitely make the move down to the coast if the ferry was available to commute to work in the city. 

Mathew Kelly of Footscray

"I currently live in Werribee, but have a beach house at Indented Head.  My wife & I both work in Melbourne.  If a ferry service commenced we would probably move to the beach house permanently and commute to work via the ferry."

B of Werribee

“I wish I could live permanently on the Bellarine. The present situation of living on the Bellarine Friday to Monday and renting in Melbourne Tuesday to Thursday is both expensive and physically draining.

The total trip one way from the Geelong station is 11/2 hours each way. This time excludes the time it takes to drive to Geelong, park the car cost effectively and walk to the railway stations of Geelong, South Geelong or Marshall.

As an alternative a ferry trip would be enormously appealing on an aesthetic and practical basis."

Chris Mason of Melbourne/Bellarine

“I currently live in Melbourne’s western suburbs and have to work in the city. Would absolutely commute daily on a ferry service if available from day one in Portarlington.”

B of Melbourne Western Suburbs

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